Manufacturer of lugs, connectors, cable glands, panel, board fittings, G.I. flexible conduit and accessories, P.V.C. trunking, P.V.C. flexible conduit and accessories, fastners like M.S., S.S. etc.
Electrical Cable Accessory
Earthing Lightening Protection
Cable Support System
Switch Board Control Panel
Stainless Steel Cable Ties
Cable Jointing Termination Kit
Copper Bond Grounding Rod
Niro Clip Snap On Holder
Earth Bos
Driving Stud
Solid Copper Grounding Rod
Solid Copper Earth Rod
Stainless Steel Ground Rod
Solid Copper Earth Plate
Copper Bonded Earth Plate
PlasticEarth Pit Housing
Equipotential Bonding Bars
End Piece
Roof Conductor Holder Niro
Wall Roof Conductor
Alu Square Earth Plate
Lead Square Earth Plate
Connection Clamps Cross Clamp
Multi Clamp
Round Type Earth Clamp Holder
Square Type Earth Clamp Holder
Round Disc Holder Pvc
PlasticDc Tape Clip
Earthing Pipe Clamp
Wire Holder
Comb Bar Earthing Strap
Saddle Clamp Base
Crimping Tools
Brass Cable Gland Accessories
Strut Channels
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