Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Releasable Type Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Product Details:
  • Max bundle diameter: 36 mm
  • Product code: CTHRT-1505
  • Surface finish: Coated
  • Temperature: -80 to +150 degree C (Coated)
  • Material: SS
  • Width: 5 mm
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 150 mm

Manufactured using quality material, our range of stainless steel cable ties are designed for easy fastening and unfastening. The special coating makes our range of cable ties resistant to rust and corrosion.

  • These ties have greater flexibility as it can Fasten-Unfasten-Refasten as per usage.
  • Coated ties are used (or added resistance to corrosion and weathering effect.

Ladder Type Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Product Details:
  • Material : Steel
  • Operating Temperature (Coated): 80 to1500 C
  • Operating Temperature (Un Coated): 800 to 538 C
  • Min. Width: 7 mm
  • Max. Width: 12 mm
  • Length: 200 - 1000 mm

We offer stainless steel cable ties in different specifications. These ties are ideal for application under different operating temperatures. Suitable for application in construction, automobile, cement and other industries.Features:
  • Easy application due to self locking construction.
  • Fixing can be done by hand, tool both.
  • Coated ties are used for added resistant to corrosion and weathering effect.

Other Details:
  • Min. loop tensile strength - 7mm width {44.5kg) 100 lbs
  • Min loop tensile strength – 12 mm width (113.6 kg) 250 lbs

Operating Temperature:
  • 80 0C to1500C (Coated)
  • 800C to 5380C (UnCoated)
  • Construction, Automobile. Offshore. Petroleum & Chemical Industries, Fire Protection, Aerospace etc.
Length (mm)Width (mm)Max Bundle Dia. (mm)Product Code

MS 3 Part Hinges

Product Details:
  • Suitable For: Door
  • Hinge Type: Butt Hinge
  • Finish Type: Stainless Steel
  • Packaging Size: <10 Piece
  • Thickness (in mm): < 1 mm
  • Size (in inches): 4

The unique design of the MS 3 Part Hinges make them ideal for applications in which robustness is required in combination with small dimensions.

These hinges combine the function of a door hinge with that of a safety switch.

Our range of part hinges is easy to mount, maintenance-free and tamperproof, as the safety switch is difficult to localize.

Nickle Plated Brass Cable Gland With Pg Thread For Unarmored

Product Details:
  • Finish: Nickle plated
  • Material grade: BS2874 CZ121
  • Surface: Nickle Plated
  • Material: Brass
  • IP Rating: IP40, IP33

We offer a wide range of Nickel Plated Brass Cable Gland with Pg Thread for Unarmored.

These are used in Outdoor & Indoor applications and in all breaded unarmored cable fittings.

Offered in sizes from PG - 7 to PG – 48, these are available in nickel-plated finish.

  • Material: Brass BS2874 CZ121
Finish : Nickle plated

Outdoor / Indoor for use all breaded unarmored cable fittings

Size in PG
From PG - 7 to PG – 48

Nickle Plated Brass Cable Gland With PG Thread For Unarmored

ThreadProduct Code
PG - 7HPG - 7
PG-9HPG - 9
PG - 11HPG -11
PG -13.5HPG -13.5
PG - 16HPG -16
PG -21HPG-21
PG -29HPG - 29
PG -36HPG - 36
PG -42HPG - 42
PG -48HPG - 48

Galvanised Flexible Steel Conduit

Product Details:
  • Temperature range: -50 0c to +350 0c
  • Std Packing in Mts: 25-30
  • Size: 12 x 17-50 x 55
  • Material: Galvanised steel

We are leading Manufacturer of Galvanised Flexible Steel Conduit and our product is made up of good quality.

Material : galvanised steel
properties : strong protection
temperature range : -50 0c to +350 0c

features : excellent crush & pull of characteristic, making it ideal for flexing, bending and vibrating application.

construction : highly flexible steel conduit offers good mechanical protection, helically coiled, square locked type to bs 731:1952

finish : electro galvanised

Conduit size (mm)Size I.D x O.DStd. Packing in Mts.Prod. Code no.
1212 x 1730HF 12
1616 x 2030HF 16
1919 x 2230HF 19
2525 x 2930HF 25
3232 x 3630HF 32
3538 x 4230HF 38
5050 x 5525HF 50

Roller Ball Type Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Product Details:
  • Operating Temperature: 80 C to +150 C
  • Loop tensile strength: 4.6mm
  • Color: Black, Natural/White

Our range of roller type stainless steel cable are simple in construct and are easy to install.

Engineered to perfection, these roller blades are used in various industries like construction, petro- chemicals, fire protection etc.

Features :
  • This roller ball design tie are self locking and very easy to install.
  • Fixing can be done by hand, tool & both.
  • Min. loop tensile strength - 4.6mm width (44.5kg) 100 lbs
  • Min. loop tensile strength - 7.9mm width (113.6kg) 250 lbs
Operating Temperature:
  • 80°C to +150°C (Coated)
  • 80°C to +538°C (UnCoated)
  • Construction, Automobile, Offshore, Petro-Chemical Industries, Fire Protection, Aerospace, Flame Proof Installation etc.

Steel Marking System

Our steel markings are used for effortless identification of cable assemblies. Available in different specifications, our range can also be used in harsh electrical environments.This range of stainless steel marketing system a available for effortless and permanent identification of cable assemblies or ducting system, also can be used in harsh environment. This system can be applied with rollerball or ladder type s. S. Tiles.  
Description (mm)Dimension (Length x Width) mmProduct Code
Embossable Tag63x34HDET-63
Embossable Tag51 x19HDET-51
Embossable Tag89x19HDFT - 89
Carier 692.5x8HIT-6
Carier 6130.6x8HIT - 10
Carier 6187.7 x8HIT - 16
Symbols9x8-. +,-, /. Blank, Earth

Roof Conductor Support

Product Details:
  • Material Used: HDPE, PVC, Copper
  • Phase: Single Phase
  • Type of Plating: Nickel

Used for flat roof made up of black, weather resistant plastic a recyclable filling with one conductor holder.

Used for flat roof made up of black, weather resistant plastic a recyclable filling with one conductor holder
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