Switch Board Control Panel


Product Details:
  • Pack Type: Packet
  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Hex
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Type of Lock: Electronic
  • Finish Type: Zinc

Our light weight keys are compatible with punch down tools, which allows formation of unique cuts for special locking system.
HKE 001 :Key for zinc lock type 1
HKE 002 :Key for zinc lock type 2
HKE-003:Key for zinc lock type 3
HKE-004:Key for triangle lock 7/8mm
HKE-005:Key for square lock recessed
HKE- 006:Key for square lock 6.5/7mm
HKE-007:Key for meter box lock
HKE- 008:Key for PA lock 'L' type
HKE-009:Key for PA lock wing type

Nylon Hinge

Product Details:
  • Sheet: 2 mm
  • Pin: Derlin
  • Item Code: hnh
  • Brand: Brass Copper and Alloy
  • Material: Polyamide
  • Color: Black

Our range of light weight nylon hinges provide perfect locking system for electrical panels. Made from high quality material, these hinges are highly durable and easy to install.180 hinge small for 2 mm sheet
prod code: hnh 
Material: body - polyamide
Pin - derlin 
Color: black

Panel Door Knob

Product Details:
  • Ideal For: Interior Door
  • Material: Polyamide
  • Color: Black
  • Finish: Nickel Finish
  • Brand: Brass Copper and Alloy
  • Finishing: Polished
  • Product Code: HDK-01

We offer high quality panel door knobs in variety of designs. These knobs are available with short lever for better grip and compatibility.Prod. Code : HDK-01
Material : Polyamide
Colour : Black

Short lever available in 20 mm Height.
Long Lever available with Height 'H'= 20 mm, 25mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, 45 mm & 50 mm (Specify 'H' while ordering with long lever).

Prod. Code: HDK-02
Material: Polyamide
Colour: Black
Short lever available in 20 mm Height.
Long Lever available with Height 'H'= 20 mm, 25mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, 45 mm & 50 mm (Specify 'H' while ordering with long lever).


Product Details:
  • Material: Brass, Stainless Steel
  • Hinge Type: Spring Hinge, Pivot Hinge, Butt Hinge, Piano Hinge
  • Finish Type: Silver , Black, Grey, Bronze, Steel
  • Size (in inches): 6
  • Suitable For: Window, Door, Cabinet, Wardrobe

We offer high quality Hinges for switches to achieve a higher degree of reliability in different electrical environment. These hinges can be availed in different specifications at the most affordable prices.

Other Details:
HHN 001 :Concealed hinge20mm
HHN 002 : Concealed hinge 26mm
HHN003 :Concealed hinge 20mm weld on
HHN004 :Concealed hinge 120"
HHN005 :Zinc die-cast hinge 180°
HHN006 :SM hinge big
HHN007 :SM hinge small
HHN008 : Spring loaded hinge
HHN009 :Pin type hinge die-cast
HHN010 :'U* hinge small /big
HHN011 :Zinc die-cast hinge 180" big
HHN012 :120" Hinge pull type
HHN013: Screw on hinge
HHN014: Profile hinge screw on brass
HHN015 : Profile hinge P.A.
HHN016: Heavy duty hinge 4 hole
HHN017: Heavy duty hinge for accoustic enclosures 5 hole

MCB / Module Blanking Plate

Product Details:
  • Product Code: HBP 5 Way -01
  • Height: 46.5
  • Material: HIPS
  • Shape: Rectangular, Square
  • Color: White

We offer high-quality module blanking plate for applications that require full dead front protection. These plates comply with international standards of quality and safety.Type: 5 Way. A strip of 5 full & 6 half blankers

Other details:

Product CodeH
HBP 5 Way – 0146.5
HBP 5 Way - 0244.5

PVC Grommets / Closures

Product Details:
  • Sheet Hole: 3/8 inch
  • Color: Black
  • Material: PVC
  • Diameter: 9.5 mm
  • Product Code: HGB2

Our abrasion and tear resistant PVC Grommets / Closures are designed to protect the cables from sharp curves and corners. These closures are available in numerous sizes to fit just about any application.

Other details:

Sheet Hole InchesDiameter MMProduct Code
1 1/4"32HGB8
1 1/2"38HGB9
2"50HGB 11

Panel Locks

Product Details:
  • Type: Panel lock
  • Material: Zinc
  • Finish Type: Stainless Steel, Chrome
  • Condition: New
  • Size(millimetre): 8 mm

Our locks are great for use with termination blocks or patch panels. These locks are compatible with punch down tools.Panel locks.

Additional details:

HPL-001: Zinc lock small
HPL - 002: Small lock for meter box
HPL-003: Zinc lock
HPL - 004: Zinc lock pad locking type
HPL - 005: Zinc lock sq. 7mm
HPL - 006: Zinc lock sq. 8mm
HPL-007: Zinc lock triangle 6.5mm
HPL-008: Zinc lock triangle 7mm
HPL-009: Zinc lock (slotted)
HPL-010: Zinc lock sq. face
HPL - 011: Wing lock small
HPL-012: Wing lock long
HPL - 013: SC-1 double-bit Q.T. lock
HPL-014: SC-2 triangle 7mm
HPL - 015 : SC-3 7mm sq. recessed
HPL - 016: SC-4 7mm sq. raised
HPL-017: SC-5 8mm sq. raised
HPL - 018: Compression lock
HPL-019: Spring loaded lock
HPL - 020: Die cast push to open lock
HPL - 021: Compression lock with Screw adjustment
HPL - 022: P.A. lock
HPL-023: Plastic lock 3 piece
HPL-024: Slide lock small
HPL-025: Slide lock big

DIN Rails End Clamps

Product Details:
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Silicon: 1.50% - 1.80%
  • Height: 8mm
  • Breadth: 50mm

Our range of Clamps for DIN Rails are specifically designed for maintenance on high voltage networks to provide safe and reliable clamping.

These are used to keep the terminal block assemblies in position while mounted on Din Rails.

Hex Product Code: HECDR - 35
Hex Product Code: HECDR - 32

Flexible Braid Bond

Product Details:
  • Size mm: 25 x 3.5
  • Material: Copper
  • Hole Centre mm: 200-400
  • Hole Size mm: 11

We are leading Manufacturer of Flexible Braid Bond and our product is made up of good quality.

These are used for bonding gates, doors,fences etc.

Flexible Braid Bond

Size mmCross Section areaHole Size mmHole Centre mmProd. Code
25 x 3.535 mm211200HFB 252
25 x 3.535 mm211400HFB 254

Conical Series Insulator

Product Details:
  • Height: 25-75
  • Base: 22-45
  • Upper: 25-55
  • Color: Red

Our conical series insulators are manufactured from non conductive metal with high dielectric strength.

These insulators are ideal for dry areas around electronic and high-voltage apparatus.Insulator conical series.

HBBI C2506222525M6
HBBI C3508283535M8
HBBI C5008405050M8
HBBI C7510455575M10


Product Details:
  • Protection: IP 55
  • Surface Mounting: 130 x 130 mm
  • Snap Fitting: 130 x 130 mm
  • Material: Plastic

Our switchboard filters are supplied with synthetic washable filter media for filtering dust up to 5 microns. Special gaskets are provided in compliance with IP 55 (International Protection Rating). All fillers are supplied with synthetic washable filter media for filtering dust up to 5 microns. All filters supplied with gaskets for IP 55.

Additional information:

HFL001:: Air Vent
HFL-002:130 x 130 mm Surface mounting
HFL-003130 x 130 mm Snap fitting
HFL-004: 203 x 203 mm Surface mounting
HFL-005: 203 x 203 mm Snap fitting (with provision for mounting axial flow fan)
HFL-006: 230 x 230 mm Surface mounting
HFL-007: 320 x 325 mm Snap fitting

Key Locks

Product Details:
  • Tensile Strength : 345 MPa
  • Material : Metal
  • Work Temperature : -1 to 80 deg C
  • Lock Type: Keyed Lock

Our security cable Key Locks are low cost theft-deterrent system for electrical systems. Features heavy duty steel plate for extra protection.

Technical Details:
HKL001 : Small lock with key
HKL 002 : Zinc lock with key
HKL 003: GD lock long body
HKL 004 : GD lock small body
HKL005 : Wing lock small with key
HKL006 : Wing lock big with key
HKL007 : "T" handle with key
HKL008 : "L" handle with key
HKL-009 : Slam lock
HKL -010 : "L" handle with PA base
HKL011 : "L" handle with P.A. base pad lock type
HKL012 : Wing handle small with key type 2

Meter Window Glass

Product Details:
  • Product Code: HUWG-96
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Cutout Size: 92 x 92
  • Color: Transparent

Our high-quality meter window glasses are resistance to elevated temperatures and pressures. The clear and transparent glasses allow for easy meter reading.

Additional information: 
Prod. Code: HUWG-96
Material: Polycarbonate
Cutout Size: 92 x 92

Prod. Code : HMWG-01
Material : Polycarbonate / SAN
Cutout Size: 90 x 130

Prod. Code : HMWG-02
Material : Polycarbonate / SAN
Colour : Transparent
Cutout Size: 120 x 159

Prod. Code : HMWG-03
Material : Polycarbonate / SAN
Colour : Transparent
Cutout Size: 206 x 206

Nylon Neutral Link Base

Product Details:
  • Material: Polyamide
  • Range: 20 degree C to 60 degree C
  • Voltage Rafting: 600 V. AC.
  • Colour: Black

We offer free cutting nylon neutral link base which provides connection to the ground system.

These link protect the complete system from overloading and short circuit.

  • Prod. Code : HNLB-01
  • Material : Polyamide
  • Colour: Black

Self Adhesive Tie Mounts

Product Details:
  • Product Code: HTM-019
  • Length: 19 mm
  • Width: 19 mm
  • Color: Natural/White, Black

Self-Adhesive Tie Mounts are designed to support lightweight wire bundles when properly applied to any clean, smooth, grease-free surface.Prod. Code: HSMS-05

Other details:

  • Prod. Code:HTM-019
  • Size:19mm L x 19 mm W
  • Prod. Code: HTM-025
  • Size: 25mm L x 25mm W

Tinned Copper Bushes

Product Details:
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: copper
  • Surface Finish: Electro tinned / silver
  • Type: Copper Bushes

Our range of electroplated tinned copper bushes can be customized to meet the specific application requirements of the clients. These bushes allow seamless connection in a convenient way.

Bushes are manufactured and supplied as per customer's specifications, drawings etc.

Din Rail Channels

Product Details:
  • Color: Silver color
  • Type: Slotted and Unslotted types
  • Material: Steel, Aluminum

HEX” offers a complete range of DIN RAILS for the mounting of terminal blocks, MCB's etc. These steel rails are manufactured from cold roll steel and processed in various types through rolling. The finish is zinc electroplated with yellow passivation. Also available with white passivation, as per RoHS compliance, against the specific order.
All rails are available in 1 mtr. & 2 mtr. Length and in three types I.e. Plain (P), Punched / Dotted (D) & Slotted (S)"HEX" offers a complete range of DIN RAILS for the mounting of terminal blocks, MCB's etc. These steel rails are manufactured from cold roll steel and processed in various types through rolling. The finish is line electroplated with yellow passivation. Also available with white passivation, as per RoHS compliance, against the specific order. All rails are available in 1 mtr. 8 2 mtr. the length and in three types ie. Plain (P), Punched/Dotted (D)8 Slotted (S)
Hex Prod. Code: - HDR - 3575 Size:- 35mm x 7.5mm
Hex Prod. Code : - HDR - 3215G Size :- 32mm x 15mm x 9mm
Hex Prod. Code : - HDR -1555 Size : - 15mm x 5.5mm

DMC Bus Bar Supports / Insulators

Product Details:
  • Shape: Conical, Cylindrical, Hexagonal, Hex-Cylindrical
  • Height: 25 to 75 mm
  • Color: Red

We offer a comprehensive range of DMC Bus Bar Supports / Insulators Control Panels, Boards etc. These supports are available in different configurations such as aconical, cylindrical, hexagonal, etc.
  • “HEX” manufactures a wide range of DMC insulators for Control Panels, Boards etc. in various types viz. Conical, Cylindrical, Hexagonal, Hex-Cylindrical.
  • The sizes range from the height of 25mm to 75mm. The extruded brass insert varies accordingly from M6 to M12, for the fixing of insulators.
  • “HEX” insulators have excellent electrical and mechanical strength, heat and flame resistance and a very low water absorption capacity
  • All “HEX” insulators have successfully withstood the tests carried out by reputed test labs.

Control Panel Accessories

We offer high quality switch board and panel accessories that complies with international standards of quality and safety. Our range of accessories include cable ally shroud, handle, wind stay, door stopper, etc.
HOAC-001 :Cable Ally Shroud
HOAC-004:Wind Stay
HOAC-005:Door Stopper
HOAC-006:Wall Mounting Bracket,set of 2 with Hardware

Door Label Holder

Product Details:
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Material: Polycabonate
  • Finish Type: Stainless Steel

Our Door Label Holder are especially adapted for mounting in a recessed pull on drawers and doors.

These label holder features one piece construction with excellent finish.

Prod. Code: HDLH-01
Material: Polycabonate
Colour : Transparent

Prod. Code: HDLH-02
Material: Polycabonate
Colour : Transparent

Hardwares And Spares

We specialize in providing a comprehensive range of hardware and spares for switch boards. These boards feature high quality material that guarantees functionality for years to come. Made to the international specifications, all our spares are interchangeable. 

Mains Power Connector

Product Details:
  • Connector Type: Male/Plug, Female/Jack

Our mains power connector is ideal for protecting electrical equipment from accidental disconnection. The use of high quality material durability and safety in different electrical applications.Mains Power Connector
Prod.Code : HMPC
Type : 3 Way
Rating: 40A, 450V
Temp Upto 150 Degree C
Connector Type: Female/Jack, Male/Plug

Metal Spacers

  • Metal spacers are used as stand-offs for separating connection and wires in the electrical panel to ensure safety of the device during the operation. We can offer metal spacers in different dimensional and material specifications at the most competitive prices.Features:
    • Galvanized steel - yellow passivated
    • Hexagonal profile
    • Traction resistance 500 n/mm2
    • M- f, complying with din 176 standards
    JAJ3J2Hex ProfilePROD. CODE
    10M486M7HMS 107
    15M4810M7HMS 157
    20M4810M7HMS 207
    25M4810M7HMS 257
    30M4810M7HMS 307
    35M4810M7HMS 357
    40M4810M7HMS 407
    50M4810M7HMS 507
    60M4810M7HMS 607
    70M4810M7HMS 707
    90M4810M7HMS 907
    15M5810M8HMS 158
    20M5810M8HMS 208
    25M5810M8HMS 258
    30M5810M8HMS 308
    35M5810M8HMS 358
    40M5810M8HMS 408
    50M5810M8HMS 508
    60M5810M8HMS 608
    70M5810M8HMS 708
    90M5810M8HMS 908
    20M61012M10HMS 2010
    25M61012M10HMS 2510
    30M61012M10HMS 3010
    35M61012M10HMS 3510
    40M61012M10HMS 4010
    50M61012M10HMS 5010
    60M61012M10HMS 6010
    70M61012M10HMS 7010
    90M61012M10HMS 9010
    25M81414M13HMS 2513
    30M81414M13HMS 3013
    35M81414M13HMS 3513
    40M81414M13HMS 4013
    50M81414M13HMS 5013
    60M81414M13HMS 6013
    70M81414M13HMS 7013
    90M81414M13HMS 9013

Neutral Link Break

Our range of neutral link breaks are used to join various devices and components. These products are known for their dimensional accuracy, corrosion resistance, close manufacturing tolerances and durability.Material - Polyamide Glass Filled
Colour : Black
Temp. Limit upto 1300c
Product Code
HNLB 60 AMP60 Amp.
HNLB 100 AMP100 Amp.
HNLB 250 AMP250 Amp.

Neutral Links With / Without Base

Neutral Link are used for connecting multiple neutral points to a common link which can be fastened into the Panel Board. These links are provided by chamfered passivated screws with slot / star heads for holding the cable without damage. The position of the screws allow extra strength to the Link. 

Nylon Snap Latch

Product Details:
  • Material: Polyamide
  • Colour: Black/Grey
  • Color: White, Natural

We are leading Manufacturer of Nylon Snap Latch and our product is made up of good quality.

We offer nylon snap latches that allow an easy method of assembly and disassembly.

Snaps consist of a cantilever beam with a bump that deflects and snaps into a groove or a slot in the mating part.

  • Prod. Code: HSL
  • Material: Polyamide
  • Colour: Black/Grey

PVC Cable Ducts

Product Details:
  • Material: PVC

We offer a comprehensive range of PVC Cable Ducts, Channels, Panel Trucks in different specifications based on the requirements of the clients.HEX high quality PVC Channels adhere to international standards in all processes of manufacturing, thus ensuring a product which meets the highest level of Quality & Safety. The Salient features are:
Pvc Cable Ducts / Channels / Panel Trunking
  • Made of rigid poly vinyl chloride (PVC) of high tensile & compressive strength.
  • Highly durable, will not crack, peel or chip, also resistant to oil, fungus, salt solutions etc..
  • Non brittle, non inflammable and also warp proof.
  • Fast & efficient locking guaranteed because of specially designed duct & cover.
  • Slotting patterns prevents wire from popping up, while removing cover.
  • Elongated slots at the bottom makes flexible mounting possible.
  • Special orders regard ing colours, length or mod ification of existing range can be manufactured as per your Spec.
  • Sr. No.Length in metersSection Size Height x Width (mm2)Channel Cross Section Area (mm)Single Core Unsheathed Cable Cabe Housing Capacity No. of WiresProd. Code
    motor*(mm2)Aroa (mm)OD 2.95 mm 1.5 mm2OD 3.65 mm 2.5 mm2OD 4.35 mm 4 mm2
    1215 x 152251386HPCX 1515
    2215 x 25375221410HPCX 1525
    3225 x 25625362317HPCX 2525
    4230 x 25750432820HPCX 3025
    5240 x 301200694532HPCX 4030
    6245 x 251125654230HPCX 4525
    7245 x 301350785136HPCX 4530
    8245 x 4520251167654HPCX 4545
    9245 x 60270015510171HPCX 4560
    10260 x 251500865640HPCX 6025
    11260 x 45270015510171HPCX 6045
    12260 x 60360020713595HPCX 6060
    13275 x 2518751087050HPCX 7525
    14275 x 45337519412689HPCX 7545
    15275 x 604532225165128HPCX 7560
    16275 x 755625323211149HPCX 7575
    172100 x 10010000575375264HPCX 1002

Porcelain Connectors

Product Details:
  • Current: Upto 63A
  • Connector Type: Female/Jack
  • Type: F Type, G Type

We are leading Manufacturer of Porcelain Connectors and our product is made up of good quality.

Our range of porcelain connectors are specially designed for use at meter / mains position.

These connectors are sealable with easy knockout entries.

The use of high quality ensures safe application in high temperature electrical environment.

Can be availed in different specifications based on the requirements of the clients.

Rod Latch Systems (Flat Rods)

Our rod latch systems are ideal for strip mall, gasoline stations and convenience store jobs. The quick latch system matches up to threads of conduit. Clamp is easy to tighten with large knob.Rod latch systems (flat rods)
HRL-001 :Rod latch mechanism LH/RH
HRL002 :Front plate for double bit
HRL :003 :Front plate with V handle with lock and without lock
HRL004 :Front plate with T handle with lock and without lock
HRL 005 :'L' handle with extended rod
Accessories for Rod latch system
HRL - 011 :: Rod guide P.A. 2 nos.
HRL - 012 :: Rod guide Zinc 2 nos.
HRL-013:: Rod guide centre P.A.
HRL - 014 :: Flat rods

Self Adhesive Wire Supports

Our range of Self Adhesive Wire Supports are designed to fit all standard wires indoors and outdoors. The adhesive sticker provides good insulation and long lasting properties.Size: 27mm Lx 13mm W x 11mm H

PVC Belt & Button
Prod. Code: HPBB-001 Belt Material: Soft PVC Button material: HD Size: 8mm
Colour : Black & grey.

Swing Handle (Round Rod)

Our range of swing handles can be applied in indoor electronic racks, data centres, server cabinets and co-location cabinets, as well as outdoor telecom cabinets.Swing handle (round rod)
HSH - 001 : 3 point lock small
HSH - 002 : 3 point lock big
Accessories for 3 Point Lock
HSH - 005 : Lock with universal key
HSH - 006 : Rods 4' long 2 nos.
HSH - 007 : Rod guide 2 nos.
HSH - 008 : Zinc socket 2 nos,
HSH - 009 : Roller assy. 2 sets
HSH - 010 : 3 point cam small
HSH - 011 : 3 point cam big

Universal Plastic Filter Guard

Our universal plastic filter guards protect the system from dust and other pollutants. The filter can be removed and washed for sustained use.Size: 96 x 96
Prod. Code : HUPFG-96
Material : ABS
Colour: Black / Grey

Weld Studs

Product Details:
  • Material: MS, SS, aluminium, brass, etc.
  • Finish: Natural, nickel, copper, zinc or as per customers requirement
  • Diameter size: M3 to M20 & also available in imperial sizes

Weld studs are used to secure back plates and various components of the enclosure without making the reverse side marking. This type of studs is extremely cost-effective and durable.Hex manufactures a wide range of specialty fusion weldable fasteners, auto weld studs, hardware used for stud welding

Product range: drawn arc type, capacitor discharge type, short cycle type, break off type, in various diameters, shapes, materials & range of length. Also as per customers requirement with or without thread.

accessories : ceramic ferrules can be provided

HEX welding studs have been made to withstand bend test, torque test and tensile strength test as per specifications.

The above-shown terminals and products, built to international standards, is supplied to leading manufacturers of the switchboard , switches, transformers, battery, switchgear, terminal blocks, distribution boards, panel builders etc. all over the world.

HEX an iso recognized company is amongst the leading manufacturers of electrical accessories. Hex has been providing its services to customers from all over the world for the past decade. Our experience, along with the latest technology, allows us to provide superior service to the electrical industry, in both hazardous and non-hazardous areas of electrical installation.

"HEX" has specialized in developing components and terminals in ferrous and non-ferrous metals as per the customer's design and specifications. We possess the capacity to develop and manufacture tailor-made items, as per the customer's requirements, on the basis of the design and specifications given to us.
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